Is it Primetime for Latinos on TV? Four TV Shows to Watch

Is it Primetime for Latinos on TV? Four TV Shows to Watch

I love TV, and this year I have even more reason to make sure get some quality time with my TV. If the four new TV shows starring Latinos are any indication, it’s going to be a better, more inclusive season.

TV-lovers like myself have had our fair share of heartbreak (RIP, Cristela). So it’s exciting to see that networks are again making an effort to tell Latino stories with Latino actors to mainstream audiences, because our stories are indeed as all-American and relevant as any others.

This time, it appears it’s NBC that’s ahead of the curve, debuting three new shows with Latina leads. Not only that, but FOX has added a new show to its animation lineup.

Set your TV schedule and make sure these four shows are on it:

Telenovela (NBC)

I must admit I am most excited about Telenovela on NBC. Funny and campy, the series follows all the drama on and off the set of a Spanish-language telenovela. Eva Longoria, who both stars and executive produces the series, is hilarious as the novela star who doesn’t exactly speak perfect Spanish. The first episodes have been as over-the-top and stylish as anything you’d expect on Spanish-language television during primetime.

Superstore (NBC)

I didn’t think it was possible for me to love America Ferrera any more than I already do, but the first few episodes of Superstore proved me wrong. Unapologetically confident, intelligent and funny, Ferrera’s character Amy tries to make her superstore run efficiently and keep her staff on the straight and narrow only to find obstacles, low expectations and an unexpected love interest in her path.

Shades of Blue (NBC)

If the trailer is anything to go by, Shades of Blue looks more like a major motion picture than a new television series. With stars like Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta, and a plot that revolves around police corruption and the true nature of justice, this could easily be a movie. I’m excited to see how the series unfolds and the inevitable discussions it inspires.

Bordertown (FOX)

Bordertown takes aim directly at the immigration narrative and stereotypes at both ends of the spectrum with the network’s trademark fearlessness and irreverence. Seth McFarlane of Family Guy and American Dad fame executive produces and is armed with the wit and wisdom of Latino cartoonist and powerhouse Lalo Alcaraz, who acts as consulting producer.


Lead image: TELENOVELA — Pilot — Pictured: (l-r) Jencarlos Canela as Camilo Amante de la Rosa, Eva Longoria as Pasion Bustamante, Jose Moreno Brooks as Cesar Rojo Roberto Ramirez Ruiz Casagrande — (Photo by: Danny Feld/NBC)

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