The Funniest Latinos on Social Media

The Funniest Latinos on Social Media

Millions of followers, countless views and fans all over the country, these guys (and girls) are the funniest Latinos on the web. Find them on YouTube, Vine, Instagram and their own websites, but whatever you do, find and follow them. It’s good to laugh!

Chingo Bling

I went to college with Chingo Bling, and even back then, we all knew he was a one of those kids who was going to make it. And he’s proven us right. He’s a social media star whose rap parodies, sketches and short films earn him hundreds of thousands of views. Sure, some of his characters could be perceived as stereotypical, but that’s only a means for him to make those stereotypes ridiculous, raise awareness about perception and allow us to laugh at ourselves a little. Oh, and did I mention he’s also a stand-up comedian, creates viral web series and is a fitness entrepreneur? Yeah. Oh, and he’s been profiled in the New York Times.

The Kids of Buzzfeed Tamarindo (Buzzfeed Yellow)

I’ve got to give Buzzfeed credit for their brand of funny. They were among the first to have Latinos share their food, drinks and experiences with non-Latinos, capture the results on camera and make the hilarious results go viral. Along with being funny, they’re videos everyone, Latino or not, can relate to on some level.

The Cholos and Cholas of Mitú

Whether the cholos are trying kale chips or the cholas are giving some basics a fly makeover (“Don’t be scared of the power of the Sharpie”), they are always honest to a fault. And just in case you’re wondering if the videos are designed to get laughs at the cholos expense, don’t worry, they aren’t. It’s the cholos bluntness and honestly that brings the funny. Unlike many of us, they aren’t afraid to say what they really feel and like, and that’s what keeps me watching over and over again.

Bonus vide, because I need to master the “I will cut you” eyebrow arch:

David Lopez

Every single time I catch a David Lopez Vine, I can’t help but laugh out loud. Depending on the video, he might be a sensitive gangster, Juan, the super confident gardener/entertainer, an undercover superhero, spoiled little kid, tortured grandson or new dad finding the funny in his new life, but they’re all hilarious. His over-the-top physical comedy is silly and slapstick, but I dare you not to laugh.

Fred Armisen and Horatio Sanz of Más Mejor

There is possibly nothing better than comedy made by Latinos who “get it,” and Más Mejor, the new creation by Fred Armisen and Horatio Sanz, gets it. Instead of beating viewers over the head with “Latinos be like” memes, they play on culture and language to create comedy that we all can relate to. Some of the funny may be subtle, but I love that about Más Mejor’s brand of humor. I admit I may be slightly swayed by my massive, unending crush on Horatio Sanz (it’s cool, my hubby’s fine with my celeb crushes), but I appreciate the slightly absurdist, unexpected approach to Latino comedy. Nowhere is that made more plain that in their series about YouTube Toy Collectors in Cuba.

Pretty Much Everyone on FLAMA

Whether they’re making fun of culture-appropriating hipsters or poking fun at how much we argue amongst each other about how Latino we are, the FLAMA team has a great handle on the funny side of being Latino in the U.S. Plus, you can’t miss the hilarious Joanna Rants series where their resident red-headed Venezuelan puts dummies who think all Latinos are the same on notice.

Bonus video, this is one of my favorites:

Lead image of Fred Armisen by Richard Sandoval via Creative Commons.

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