Seeing Clearly During Allergy Season


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I’ve said it before: There are only three seasons in South Texas: Summer (which seems to begin in March), Ultra Summer (also known as May through October) and Allergy Season (pretty much all the time). Technically, seasonal allergies are strongest during the spring when a number of trees are in bloom, but in Texas, allergy sufferers can feel symptoms year round thanks to a rotating schedule of airborne allergens. Cedar, for instance, is a big winter irritant. So if you’re feeling sneezy or stuffy, you may have cedar to thank for that. In Texas, there’s always something to sniff at.

Unfortunately, allergy symptoms aren’t limited to the sinuses; our eyes are also susceptible to environmental irritants. Depending on your allergy or sensitivity, you may feel any one or combination of these symptoms:

  • Runny eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Swollen or red eyelids and under eyes
  • Red, irritated eyes

Those of us who have suffered from these symptoms have likely looked high and low for solutions. Our purses are stuffed with drops, tissues, concealer and eyeliner for refreshing the inevitable smudges. I was #blessed to have been born with both poor vision and allergies­, and there is no end to the number of over the counter remedies I’ve tried. One thing I’m eager to look into is LASIK.

Seeing Clearly During Allergy Season

How LASIK can help:

  • It eliminates the need for contacts, which may reduce the symptoms associated with allergy irritation. Contacts can attract allergen particles, which can irritate eyes. Allergy experts recommend removing contacts during allergy season or in areas with airborne allergens, if eyes become irritated. While a great suggestion for keeping eyes clear and healthy, that’s not an option for those of us who wish to see clearly. My medicine cabinet has all sorts of eye drops and contact cleaners to help me get them spanking clean and fresh, but LASIK could eliminate the need for these solutions.
  • It may free you to protect your eyes even more. When allergens are all around you, large sunglasses may be your first line of defense against getting those pesky particles (and dangerous UV rays) in your eyes. But rocking a pair of wrap-arounds is just about impossible if you are a glasses wearer, and if you wear contacts, allergens may still stick to your lenses.
  • It just might be the ticket to enjoying more of the outdoors. If allergies are keeping you indoors, relief from symptoms and freedom from wearing contacts or glasses just might be the ticket to getting you out of doors – whether the pollen count is high or not.

As always, a personal consultation with a LASIK provider will give you information specific to your individual case and your vision health needs.

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