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Your Texas Music: Femina X

Your Texas Music: Femina-X

Waiting For The Next Selena: 5 Tejana Artists Who Have The Potential To Skyrocket

Waiting for the Next Selena: Five Tejana Artists Who Have the Potential to Skyrocket

Your Texas Music: Las Fenix

Your Texas Music: Las Fenix

Why we'll all be listening to the five sisters of Las Felix in 2016.

Your Texas Music: LaTasha Lee and The BlackTies

A little bluesy, a little pop and a whole lot of soul, LaTasha Lee and The BlackTies have the sound of the summer.

9 Life Lessons We Learned from Selena

Rock red lipstick. Stay humble. Be fearless.

Your Texas Music: Gina Chavez

With a sophisticated sound and moving lyrics, this is grown folks' music.

Your Texas Music: Davíd Garza

Rekindle your Love for this Austin Rocker

Essential Texas Music: The Tontons

If you aren't yet a fan of this Houston-based band, you will be.

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